Saturday, January 10, 2015

"My What A Guy, That Gaston!"

You all know I’m all about the Disney Magic, and recently I’ve taken note that there’s certainly a lot of it going on over at Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom… and it’s name is Gaston!  Yes, that burly, perfect male specimen who got rejected by Belle (movie: Beauty and the Beast) is stealing the show over in the Beast’s domain.  

It looks like Disney fans are lining up for the opportunity to meet this hard to hate villain near Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland, and are lapping up all of the arrogance and vanity that Belle turned down in favor of the Beast.  

Tall, dreamy, and muscular, Gaston serves up constant laughs and quick wit while never straying from his mission of showing off his enviable pectorals and letting everyone know that Belle will be his…eventually.  After all, every last inch of him’s covered in hair – and who can possibly resist that??

Take a peek at this video where little Isabella fearlessly confronts Gaston telling him that the Beast, her favorite character, is going to beat him!  Gaston never skips a beat, telling her to go stare at his statue until she comes to her senses.  It is hilarious!

And here's a lesson... don't ever challenge Gaston because he ALWAYS wins!

And don't worry guys, Gaston has some words of wisdom for all the men out there who want to be perfect just like him...

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to catch up with Gaston, but I'm keeping my eye out for him – all in the name of research, of course!  The things I won’t do for this blog…

Gaston certainly knows how to entertain and keep everyone focused on him.  He’s quickly climbed to the top of my list of must meet characters.  Something to look forward to for our next trip.  How about you?

Until next time, remember to keep the Mouse in your house.

~ Monica