Friday, September 5, 2014

Poncho or No Poncho?...

Chances are, if you're visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, it's probably going to rain at some point during your vacation.
I hate to be the one to break it to you...
It's rained at some point on each of our trips down to the World.  But that's never stopped us!  Well...actually, that's not 100% true.  Two years ago, Hurricane Isaac struck in the middle of our trip.  We were none too happy to see him, I can assure you. But, we faced him head on - and won!  He only managed to keep us down for one morning when he swept through with torrential downpours.  Oh, well... we needed the extra sleep anyway.  By the time we finally got up and ready to go, the rain had passed, and we went on to have one of our best evenings at the parks so far.  So there!!!
And just as sure as you'll probably see rain on your trip, you'll Inevitably face the age-old question: Poncho or no poncho?
For me, personally, the answer is always "Poncho"!  But, not so for many other people. My husband, for example, hates wearing a poncho, although he'll eventually give in just to keep the peace.
So, why am I so strenuously in favor of the controversial poncho?  Well, if you've already traveled to Orlando, you know that, especially during the summer months, it's extremely hot and humid. But, everything indoors - the shops, restaurants, buses - is incredibly cold, the air conditioning set to freezing, it seems.  Although it feels good when you're first coming in out of the blazing heat, it's not so good when you've just undergone a downpour.  So on come the ponchos, at least for me and my daughter.
So, let's talk ponchos - where to get them, what kind to wear, what they cost.
The ponchos can be found at any shop in the parks and resorts, and cost around $9.00 for adult ponchos and slightly less for children's ponchos.  If you don't see them, just go over to the cashier and ask for one.
I will admit that, on our first trip, I got the bright idea, while standing in line at a Harmon's, to pick up a few of the cheaper ponchos, with the hope of saving some money.  NOT A GOOD IDEA!
It was extremely hot and humid on that trip, and, as soon as the rain started, I proudly brought out my thrifty ponchos.  I can tell you that, as soon as we put them on, they literally stuck to us like a second skin.  It was suffocating!  I literally ripped mine off and ran to purchase three official Disney ponchos.  Ahhh! much better!
The official Disney ponchos are open on the sides with three snaps on each side, which you can close if you wish, and you can put your arms through the openings.  I like them because they allow for some ventilation to go through so they're not as stifling in the heat.  I've also opened them up and thrown them over my daughter's stroller to keep her dry.
I've also seen people in the parks wearing disposable raincoats.  Ummm.... NO! - It's too hot for those!!!!  That's just my humble opinion, but, then again, you're reading this blog for my opinion, right?  
For me, it's always yes to the poncho - the Disney poncho!  How about you?
I hope you've found this helpful.
Until next time, remember to keep the Mouse in your house.