Saturday, August 2, 2014


So, your family's excited for your upcoming Disney trip!

But.... it's still months away.

How do you keep the momentum going while you wait for the BIG day?

Here are a few ideas for your first trip:

Watch some Disney movies!  Get the kids excited to learn about the different Disney characters and their stories.  As our first trip neared, I made sure my daughter watched as much Disney as possible - the Disney Channel, Disney Jr., every movie I could get my hands on so that she could identify the different characters and know which ones she liked best.  Before every trip, I still make sure she watches some Disney movies - especially ones she hasn't watched before. My husband and I enjoy watching with her.  And it makes it more exciting for her when she decides which characters she wants to meet and greet and have sign her autograph book.

Get your trading pins ready to go (more on this on a later post).  Make sure you leave any special pins you don't want to trade at home to avoid trading any of those by mistake.

We take multiple trips to our local Disney Store to see if any of the character shirts are on sale (much, much cheaper than at the parks).  That way, we can wear our new Disney shirts on the plane.  My daughter loves when we all wear Disney shirts on our way down to the World.

Make your free customized Disney maps.  Yes - free!!!  Go to and click Customize Maps at the bottom of the page.  WDW will mail them to you before your trip as a free memento.  Or you can use them at the parks.  Your choice.

Call a family meeting and decide together what advanced dining reservations (ADRs) you want to make.  Look up restaurant menus online at and and decide together where you want to eat.

Last, order your free vacation planning video from the Disney website (web address above).  You'll get a glimpse of the different rides, restaurants, and characters you'll enjoy on your trip.

If this isn't your first trip, here are some ideas for you:

Make some popcorn and get the family together to watch some home movies of your past trip(s).  It'll bring back some wonderful memories and get the family hyped for your upcoming trip.

Bring out your Mickey Ears!  Of course you're going to take them with you and wear them at some time doing your trip!  Right???

Bring out the old autograph books.  Nostalgia will take over as you see how your kids have grown and changed over time.  Make sure you have some tissues on hand.

Look through your photo albums - it will remind you of your favorite rides or spots at the parks and all the fun you had.... and are about to have again!

What are some of your favorite things to do in getting your family excited for your upcoming trip?

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Until next time, remember to keep the Mouse in your house!


*** Helpful Tip

Here's a helpful tip to go with a previous post.

When packing that carry-on bag, don't forget to throw in a tube of sunblock - you'll need it for your first day in the parks (in case your luggage doesn't make it to your room before you want to take off for the parks).  It's sometimes difficult to find a tube that corresponds to the 3-oz. limit set by the TSA.

Neutrogena makes a 3-oz. tube that's perfect to comply with TSA regulations.  I found it at CVS.

Just throw it in your carry-on and be on your way.

Until next time, be sure to keep the Mouse in your house.