Saturday, August 23, 2014

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

One of the three Walt Disney World fireworks shows, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, is absolutely stunning.  I simply cannot choose which is my favorite.  All three are spectacular and very different and will evoke different emotions.

Illuminations is viewed around the World Showcase Lagoon in Epcot and conveys the history of earth - just pick a country and enjoy the show.  You will want to arrive at least half an hour before the show to pick your viewing area.  I have watched it from the Norway, Japan, and American Pavilions - all have been great spots.  

Before the show starts, torches are lit around the lagoon, and the narrator welcomes you.  The flames are blown out and the lighting is muted throughout the lagoon followed by the sound of a drum beating slowly, then faster and faster, trailed by a blast of fireworks and flames which erupt over the lagoon representing the earth's beginning and then fade as a globe drifts across the water.  

The illuminated globe displays images of countries, landmarks, people, etc.  The buildings of the various countries around the lagoon are illuminated, as fireworks and laser lights explode in the center of the lagoon.  

The torches around the lagoon are then re-lit, and the globe opens to show a unity torch as 1,000 white fireworks are launched to illuminate the lagoon, as the song "We Go On" is played evoking the hope for peace on earth.  You might get a little mushy right about now....

Once the show is over, people start heading for the exit, but I've always enjoyed slowly making our way out of the park behind the crowds, stopping along the way for some pictures or to check out some kiosks for souvenirs.   

Note:  Since this is an outdoor show, it may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

As an Aside:
Disney offers the Illuminations Sparkling Dessert Party for guests who want to enjoy the show from a special viewing area which also includes desserts such as tiramisu, shortbread cookies, baklava, sugar-dusted cronis with strawberry sauce, and a variety of ice cream treats from various countries around the World Showcase paired with sparkling wines.  
The cost is $49 per adult and $29 per child, including tax and gratuity.  These parties are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:45 p.m. to 9:20 p.m., and advance reservations are recommended.  Separate admission to Epcot is required.  You can call (407)  WDW-PLAY for reservations or information.  

Until next time, I hope you remember to keep the Mouse in your house.