Saturday, September 6, 2014


I love Disney, but this has got to be said:  Where is all of the Frozen merchandise???
Come on, Disney!!!
Apparently, Disney has hoarded all of the most sought after merchandise ever in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post down in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World!
Try walking into the local Disney store and looking for anything Frozen.  You're pretty much out of luck.  They have very, and I mean very, little to alleviate your hunt for what you want.
My favorite Frozen character - in fact, my all-time favorite Disney princess, no QUEEN - is Elsa. But I can't walk into my local Disney store and find an Elsa t-shirt or any other Elsa products for that matter.  In fact, what little merchandise is available is dedicated to Anna, Olaf, Sven, and even Kristoff.  What is going on???
Am I confused, or wasn't there a Queen in that movie as well???  You know, the one with the amazing, out of this world mega hit song?  You know, that song that has hundreds and hundreds of little girls going nuts, singing the lyrics over and over again, creating a frenzy on You Tube?  Oh yeah, that's it..."Let It Go"!.... Should I?  No way!!!  Elsa deserves better than that.

The Queen that has created such excitement, the one who's song stops hundreds of fans in their tracks as soon as they hear those first few notes, doesn't even get a little bit of merchandise in the local Disney stores????  On behalf of her fans, I demand equal time!!!
At this point, I've found more Frozen merchandise at local retailers that have no connection to Disney.... obviously, they can spot a money maker... But, still I must complain for, once again, I can find no Elsa merchandise.  Everything is either Anna & Elsa together, Anna alone, Olaf, and sometimes even Olaf and Sven together.  

Again... hasn't Elsa earned being on a t-shirt by herself?  She is the Queen after all - the only Disney Queen with a huge hit song, at least to my knowledge.
I just want an Elsa t-shirt!  Come on, Disney!!!  And no, I don't just want to try and find one on the website!  I want Elsa to have equal display time in an actual store!  I'm pretty sure she's earned it.

Or...could the reality be that Disney is so business savvy as to know that, if they stockpile the Frozen merchandise down at Hollywood Studios, it will lure the fans down there, resulting in a spending frenzy?  No...never!...Right???  People actually going down to Orlando, staying in Disney resorts, buying park tickets, all the time knowing that that's the only place they can pretty much find relief for their need for the coveted Frozen must haves?  Not to mention Elsa products???  

Well...I guess I have no choice...If I want my Elsa fix, I'm going to have to plan my next trip. Soon. Because I really, really want my Elsa t-shirt...

So, here is my plea to Disney - Please, please, please get a decent amount of Frozen merchandise in our local Disney stores!
And don't worry, Queen Elsa - I've got your back, girl!   And, no, I won't just Let It Go!...

Until next time, I hope you remember to keep the Mouse in your house.